Server Rules - Update 28/09/2016

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Server Rules - Update 28/09/2016

Post by Sansaur on Wed Sep 28, 2016 10:12 am

1. Before you do anything check and respect people's OOC prefs
2. thises are the safe rooms where sec and antags are not to intervien unless under special sercumstances: the dorms and medical (these are subject to change)
3. sec is not to intervene in scenes unless told ooc that they would like to have them intervene "basically don’t be a cunt or cockblock people, you can use your judgement... figure out how to act"
4. most issues needs to be resolved IC (use sec or captain for this, get a lawyer, sue them to hell), Unless its abuse or power gaming
5. If you go micro be prepared to get manhandled, (if you are micro, please dont play important roles as you will most likely be fodder)
6. try not to play any job you dont know how to play, get some of our friendly players to teach you, IE: engineering, medical, sec. (if nobody can train you, ask an admin and they will find someone to help you out ;3 )
7. public Roleplay is allowed, but keep it subtle, or take it to the dorms (cant have someone getting chopped to bits and smeared on to floor everywhere (nikri, this also applies to you) thank you )
8. keep in mind this is a rough merc group that values strength above everything, so be prepared for that.
9. as far as combat goes this is heavy RP, most combat will start of as dialog, But, this goes for sec, Antags and everyone else, the moment the first robust action is done by anyone, all bets are off, its is strait robust untill the situation is solved, then HRP can resume
10. there will be forms for the heavy stuff, IE: Cyborgfication, getting cooked. that will require paperwork for both parties (ya dont need to get this stamped ;3 )
11. here is the pecking order from highest to lowest: the founder, the lieutenant, the captain and so on, (they should be able to approve of stuff ya need done, but sometimes the captain needs to contact those in charge ;3 )
12. This is a Pred heavy server, so expect getting eaten and stuff, value of life is not big here, so get a scan be you pred or prey when you enter.
13. As this is a merc station you can overthrow any position you want( besides Fonder or lieutenant as these are admin positions to enforce rules IC )), but that will properly require a lot of people, you cant mutiny alone :stuck_out_tongue:
14. as for Sec nobody should be briged over 10 min for a crime. if there is a murder it is up to HoS or captain to execute the char for the round (accidental murder is to be handled with description, but just our right murder is prop gonna get your char killed for the round)

These rules are subject to change, these are to get/keep us going. so dont be a cunt, dont powergame, have fun, and act like an adult.
As this is a robust server Nekri is gonna be teaching Robust and combat, aswell as medical if needed


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