Official Rules - 11/10/2016

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Official Rules - 11/10/2016

Post by Sansaur on Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:37 am

On this set of rules we are going to cover the basic rules that I've thought will be important on a HRP server, and I'm adding my revision on the rules proposed in an earlier time.

I'm also going to rule in the ideas I've had about what we could do to ensure a mixed experience on the server, for example, the semi-canon server and the "level of robustness" code for the events.

The punishments for not following the rules will come as follows:

  • If there is no hint of Farfetching, Abuse, intention of being a Smartass or disregard for server rules, admins will only warn you about what you should do next time.
  • Else, you'll either receive a temporary ban or even a permanent ban if you are identified as someone who'll go all the way to have "fun" (using the term loosely) on expense of the others.
  • If you made a huge mistake regarding rules (Example: planting a bomb in medical during a No-Robust event) you'll receive a warning to read the rules more carefully and depending of the severity of the mistake, you'll either receive a jobban or a private note telling other admins to watch over you.

Let's organise the rules on categories, which are as follows

  1. General Rules
  2. Event & Antagonist Rules
  3. Security Rules
  4. Decency tips

General Rules

  1. Don't be an asshole, "Would I enjoy being in the position the person I'm doing these things to is?" answer yourself that and try to work a way around it if the answer is "No".
  2. Don't metagame, this is a vast concept, metagaming is the sum of using any knowledge your character doesn't have, if you have a question if certain action is metagaming or not, ask your admins.
  3. Don't use the IC channel for OOC things and viceversa.
  4. Don't powergame unless you have admin permission and it's for a greater good.
  5. What an admin says for a situation is final, if we found ourselves in a conflictive situation, we'll assume the role of a judge and we'll hand out a quick solution to it.
  6. The main reason admins are going to punish a player is if the show bad intentions, examples of these are: Farfetching, Abuse, intention of being a Smartass or disregard for server rules, as stated earlier these are not allowed in any sense.
  7. In Character issues are to be resolved In Character unless any of the rules above is broken.
  8. Respect other people's OOC preferences and always check before you start doing some weird shit to them.
  9. Micros may not abuse their advantages and should understand that they'll probably be target of predators, not going as an important role as a prey micro is suggested.
  10. If you are new at a job, try to ensure that you'll not cause massive destruction with it by reading the Baystation 12 wiki, the Polaris wiki and asking other people around of how to do certain jobs.
  11. Try to keep public ERP in subtle, exhibitionism may be a nice thing to add, but can interfere with other's preferences, ERP and Vore is always preferred to take place in Safe Areas.
  12. Always inform the admins of situations you believe shouldn't take place on the current "Robust Level" during an event.
  13. During normal Extended rounds, the Robust Level is defaulted to "No-Robust", but, if an admin starts an event, adds an antagonist, or does crazy stuff, the Robust Level is raised to "Semi-Robust" unless the admin says otherwise.
  14. OOC Preferences should include your Vore preferences, if you are Pred or Prey and your views on robusting, you must have some OOC preferences notifications on your OOC information, if you don't have any OOC preferences on your OOC notes you lose all rights to complain to admins, and if you don't have OOC preferences, people can take it as a sign that you are into everything.
  15. This is a VORE/Furry roleplay server, don't come in if you are going to complain about Vore, about furries or about Roleplay.

Event & Antagonist Rules

  1. Events are divided into three categories which are as follows:

    • No-Robust: Meaning that roleplay takes place first always, both antagonists and players should take their time roleplaying interactions and possible hand to hand combat, during these events powergaming is not allowed at the slightest, the Medbay counts as a Safe-Area where the antagonist cannot do his antag work, the same with the Dorms.
    • Semi-Robust: Meaning that roleplay takes place first unless game mechanics are involved, players and antagonists should roleplay until the first hint of IG mechanics is used, may it be a punch, a shot, whatever, still, whenever you aren't in a fight you are supposed to be roleplaying. Medbay counts as a Safe-Area unless the antagonist needs to steal medical supplies, an antagonist may not steal from surgery or destroy the cloning machines or cryo, and the Dorms are fully safe.
    • Robust: Meaning that roleplay takes second place, this is a "high speed" mode like how LRP stations work, made for changing the pace, you may act the same way you'd act on /tg/, with the exception of: the Dorms are still a Safe Area for ERP purposes.

  • The main objective an antagonist has is to make the round fun for the people, keep that in mind at all times.
  • Antagonist certifications do not allow your character to be an antagonist whenever you want, it just makes you more likely to be chosen as an antagonist if you ask for it, or during an antagonist start event.
  • In regards to antagonist knowledge, people know that a Traitor or a NukeOps assault is possible and can react fast to those, but crewmembers do not know much about stealthy traitor equipment, people don't know much about unknown alien lifeforms such as the Changeling or the Shadowlings, people may become aware of what a Wizard or a Technomancer is based on looks alone.

  • Security Rules

    1. Never interrupt ERP/Vore scenes unless it's confirmed by LOOC or using parenthesis that they actually want security to come, if the victim LOOCs that they want to be rescued and the predator doesn't agree, you may interrupt.
    2. Crimes should never exceed 10 minutes of jailtime, not counting the process, during the time the victim is in jail, it's very recommended that you give them interaction as a security officer, or almost imperative that you do the same if you are the warden.
    3. Even if this is a Mercenary station, security should act as people who devout themselves to keeping peace on the station and should follow superior's commands, security is too important of a job to allow them to be "cucks with guns".
    4. If people have preferences of how they want to be robusted, these also apply to YOU, they aren't antagonist only.
    5. On this server, security is not "Corporate Police", they are trustworthy people who have received an special position on the station, there aren't many procedures to follow, but try to not be an asshole when arresting people either. (Example, while arresting someone, shooting everyone in your way because 'you don't trust them')

    Security Procedures

    Minor and Medium infractions are never to be more than 10min brig time, Major infractions are execution and a 10 minute delay after death before there allowed to be clonned. HEAVY SHIT like the red capital crimes stuff like, traitors, mutiny, out right murder boning shit like that is round execution with no clonning for that character till next round. : now when there to be executed you ask them to pick from these methods, if they dont pick after being asked 3 times you pick one let them know you WILL pick one. the methods are : being eaten,firing squad, lethal injection ( got cyanide in there), being gibbed (( theres on in the chamber )) and being cremated (( alive of course theres one in there)) offer if they like they can be sedated for any method they pick always offer that because some people are pussies. there is chloral hydrate and tramadol in there use both if they do pick that. before you start ask them if they concent to there body being sent to the chef as meat.
    sound good to ya?
    Dosage Info
    Cyanide 5 units only it kills in 2mins. for sedating them 10unit injection of chloral hydrate, and make them swallow one tramdol pill
    that and basically just say the rules come from the Founder himself
    ( working on remaking the book for it currently)
    Station founder is immune from these rules, not for power game reasons but he is litterally the owner of the station.


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